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Everyone greatly appreciated the ceremony and us even more so!

We have nothing to complain about, everything from the support until the big day, we felt very well supported and guided, it was perfect!

We really appreciated the fact that Séverine kept a good part of the ceremony secret, particularly the speeches, which she was able to integrate perfectly into the ceremony.

We went to Vincent's parents yesterday and discovered the pretty bag full of presents and we thank you very much for this attention. 😍

Amandine & Vincent
June 24, 2023 / Château de Pennautier – Aude

Pascale, Magali,

It’s still a little hard to “land” and realize we got married. It was magnificent and Pascale greatly contributed to the success of this wedding.

Her performance was perfect, Pascale was always attentive and available to each of us. We have nothing but compliments on his performance for which everything had been thought of. We loved the surprise aspect of the ceremony.  

I thank you for your support and especially Pascale without whom our wedding would not have been what it was.

Sandra & Sylvain
June 10, 2023 / Domaine de la Meyfrénie – Dordogne

We called on Sébastien for our ceremony. Preparing for our ceremony was a real pleasure. Sébastien was able to identify our wishes from our first discussions.

He created a ceremony that resembles us, well beyond our expectations, full of emotion and humor. Our ceremony will remain engraved in our memories and that of each of our guests.

Available, reassuring and caring, Sébastien has all the qualities to support you in preparing your ceremony with serenity.

I recommend 100%.

A thousand thanks !

Noémie & Yohann
May 27, 2023 / Domaine de la Galinière – Indre & Loire

Dear Magali,

We found the perfect ceremony!

You were able to perfectly transcribe our story, speaking in the right words about the love we have for each other with Ludo but also the love we share with our loved ones. The sand ritual was an extremely moving moment (Emma's tears attest to this).  

We received very positive feedback on the ceremony and on you! ☺️  

The duration was impeccable.

You listened to us from the start, you knew how to support us and reassure us.

In short, it was a magical and unique moment that will remain engraved in our hearts 🥰

Elodie & Ludovic
May 27, 2023 / Villa Emma - Poitiers


We found your service to be completely in line with what we expected! We are delighted and do not hesitate to highly recommend you. You were able, by being discreet but sufficiently present, to soothe my stress, analyze our profiles and highlight feelings and love so that everyone can feel the emotion, sometimes humorous, sometimes traditional, sometimes romantic. In short, it suited us completely!

July 9, 2022 / Vienna - Magali

Everything went wonderfully for us. We didn't know about secular ceremonies and we loved what Séverine put in place. Communication between us happened very naturally. Séverine knew how to create a little bubble of love for our wedding. As we told him, we had the impression of only being with loved ones, we were comfortable and we felt confident and surrounded by kindness. We laughed, we were also moved, we couldn't have imagined a better moment. Our loved ones also spoke to us a lot about Séverine after the weekend. Only very positive feedback on his person, his work and his presence.

In our eyes, there was nothing to improve. She understood who we are and there were no missteps. Her work with our DJ also went well, and the setting up (a little late on our part) of the ceremony did not disturb her, on the contrary she was able to put us at ease from the installation.

We wish all future brides and grooms to have a Séverine by their side for this big moment.

Once again, through you, we wanted to thank her warmly.

June 25, 2022 / Morbihan - Séverine B.

Séverine gave us the perfect ceremony, which totally suited us: emotion and humor. We and all of our guests loved it. Thank you very much, we recommend ++!!

May 14, 2022 / Morbihan - Séverine B.

We loved our ceremony and all our guests.
Sébastien caused a sensation! He was able to understand us and perfectly transcribe our feelings, desires and emotions. Thank you to him for being able to make this moment magical, in our image, in simplicity, humor and tenderness. It was simply perfect.

A & A
July 2, 2022 / Loir & Cher - Sébastien

We are delighted with Virginie’s performance! She was able to capture the essence of our personalities and our relationship and well represent what marriage means to us, with kindness and humor. We still have tears of emotion and laughter. She also handled the bilingual aspect perfectly. His English was excellent and the timing perfect in each language. This moment will remain a magnificent memory for us and for our loved ones.

July 7, 2022 / Bouches du Rhône - Virginie

We are very happy with Virginie's performance from Unique Ceremonies! A very sweet, beautiful and emotional ceremony – Virginie lived up to our expectations and was very reliable and patient. We really liked the ceremony, the duration, the moments of exchange, the personalization… everything was great – Virginie was great during the entire preparation process, we met her via Skype and immediately had a good feeling . Professional, reliable, patient and flexible, she quickly understood our personality and what we wanted. It was a great experience and I highly recommend Unique Ceremonies!

C & M
July 9, 2022 / Var - Virginie

After 2 years of postponement, we finally celebrated this wedding! The ceremony was perfectly orchestrated by Sébastien. We had great contact from the start and the ceremony was simply magnificent. We were perfectly guided by Sébastien, thanks to him and to Unique Cérémonies!

May 21, 2022 / Loir & Cher - Sébastien

The ceremony completely lived up to our expectations! She was able to perfectly understand us, both our character and our sense of humor. She knew how to deal with small unexpected events, such as being kind enough to say a little personalized sentence in English to the wife of a friend who did not speak French. For us, there is nothing to change; we had a great time and had only positive feedback. Thanks to Séverine for giving us such a beautiful moment.

April 16, 2022 / Finistère – Séverine B.

Our ceremony was superb. Sébastien was perfect and even knew how to handle our DJ's disappointments. We particularly appreciated his involvement, his smile, his care for everyone, his desire. ❤️ THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

C & S
August 27, 2022 / Indre & Loire - Sébastien

The ceremony was superb. Humor, lots of emotion.

Sébastien is incredibly kind and the “feeling” I would even say the trust was immediate.

He was warm with us as much as with our guests. Plus, we share the same wedding date so maybe we felt a little closer to him that way. Sébastien was unanimous. Many guests did not know about secular ceremonies and even practicing Catholics who were “disappointed” not to see us at church found our ceremony magnificent, the more intimate side, a summary of our history for people who did not know our beginnings.

We chose 2 rituals, that of the sand (I wanted a physical memory of our wedding) and the warming of the rings that was particularly intended for our loved ones and tears were shed at that moment. We had underestimated the importance of music and Sébastien also guided us well on our choices. I wouldn't change anything about our ceremony and I honestly can't find any areas for improvement, so thank you very much to Sébastien for this beautiful moment which will remain engraved in our memories.

September 10, 2022 / Indre & Loire - Sébastien

Magali, we wanted to thank you for your performance on Saturday. You allowed us to carry out the secular ceremony that we wanted. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness. Everyone was delighted with the ceremony.

J & S
July 16, 2022 / Vienna - Magali

Hello Magali,

Your performance exceeded our expectations. We appreciated the personalized text, and of course the whole ceremony was truly magnificent, nothing but happiness 🥰.

We are delighted to have chosen you, for your work, your professionalism and your way of speaking. We have had nothing but compliments on your performance👏👏.

Many thanks

R & J
August 3, 2022 / Vienna - Magali

Everything went very well and we have nothing to complain about Virginie's performance! A very sweet, beautiful and emotional ceremony – Virginie lived up to our expectations and was very reliable and patient. We really liked the ceremony, the duration, the moments of exchange… everything was great – thank you a thousand times!

July 9, 2022 / Var - Virginie

The ceremony was perfect, we have no complaints. It was a big challenge because it was the first time for most of our guests that they participated in a secular ceremony, and some had preconceptions but to our greatest surprise, everyone found our ceremony very beautiful , because it is very personalized and ultimately resembles us so much.

Magali allowed the guests to discover a little more about the bride and groom and to be with us throughout. Thanks to her, we had a ceremony with a lot of emotion, without falling into “too much”.

Many people came to compliment us on our choice of officiant :) We even felt in some people the desire to also have a secular ceremony for their wedding. Our ceremony exceeded our expectations both in substance and form and we will always keep very fond memories of it. Thank you very much for this moment.

A & J
September 10, 2022 / Indre - Magali

Unique Ceremonies showed a lot of professionalism: after an initial exchange with an officiant, she left the company and Magali was able to find us a top replacement! Séverine, who officiated the ceremony, was gentle, patient and super professional! She made this moment a suspended moment where our guests and we took out the tissues to sob but also to laugh out loud. We highly recommend it!

May 28, 2022 / Gard – Séverine C.

Dear Sébastien, Dear Magali,

We thank you for your email and especially for everything you have done for us.

The ceremony prepared by Sébastien was exactly as we thought it would be and even better. Sébastien, we appreciated your availability and your support throughout the preparations, we really felt that you were there for us and it was very pleasant. We also really liked the naturalness you showed during the ceremony while maintaining a solemn appearance, everyone felt at ease and our guests, unfamiliar with secular ceremonies, loved being able to share this moment with us.

To the question “what could we improve?” Is there anything Sébastien could improve or do differently? » we don't know what to answer you. Honestly, we found the ceremony to be perfect and wouldn't change a thing if we could.

This is why we really want to thank Unique Ceremonies and more particularly Sébastien, for making this moment magical. We will keep the memory of this magnificent ceremony in our hearts and our memories.

thank you for everything

Elisa & Julien
July 10, 2021 / Château des Requêtes, Valframbert (61)

Virginie's performance was just perfect; She really knew how to convey her emotions when she spoke and all the guests were charmed and so were we! She really provided personalized follow-up from start to finish and she said just what was needed; I wouldn't have added anything more to make the service better given that for us, it was just perfect. I will be happy to leave a review on your site. In any case, it was a pleasure and you did well to praise the merits of your company because as you told us at the very beginning, it is truly a unique moment, a unique ceremony and if it were we would do it again! In any case, I will recommend you to anyone who wants to get married.

Thanks again for everything !





Marine & Thibault
July 16, 2021 / Bouches du Rhône

Hello Magali,

A unique and serene ceremony

We will keep exceptional memories of our wedding ceremony thanks to Magali.
In a very moving context, she was able to organize and carry out this ceremony with great serenity and make it a moment that will remain engraved in our memories. From the first contacts, Magali demonstrated great professionalism, but also great adaptability allowing her to personalize the ceremony.
His extensive experience and flawless organization enabled smooth, stress-free and cheerful preparations. We particularly appreciated her proximity, her advice and in particular the day before the wedding, she offered us her help in setting up the outdoor ceremony and organized a rehearsal with the members of the procession, which made it possible to put the make everyone happy. On the day of the ceremony, everyone knew what they had to do and where to position themselves. Finally Magali is bilingual in English, which was a condition for our Franco-English marriage. A big thank you to Magali who we highly recommend.





Justine & Edward
June 26, 2021 / Château de Baillant (86)

An excellent memory
Thank you very much to Magali for a most beautiful secular ceremony.
Magali supported us well throughout the preparation and invested a lot in understanding our history in order to be able to transcribe it as best as possible.
She managed to craft a beautiful, emotional and funny speech that reflected our personalities and our feelings.
A speech that describes us both well, while integrating our family and friends and in two languages ​​which allowed everyone present to be involved.
We highly recommend Magali to anyone wanting a successful secular ceremony with a very nice person to take care of it.




A & L
July 25, 2020 / Villa Emma (86)

Very good service
Pascale was very available and very present for the preparation and implementation of our ceremony. She was able to be proactive in guiding us throughout the process. The ceremony went very well and everyone was delighted.




L & J
August 8, 2020 / Le Jardin du Bouquet (24)

W e called on “Unique Ceremonies” because we wanted to organize a secular ceremony as part of the celebration of our wedding in Brittany. We then met Séverine, whom we naturally chose to organize our ceremony. Available, friendly and caring, she officiated it perfectly, easily alternating funny moments and moving passages during these interventions, in a style that was always rich and elegant. Séverine was unanimous and we highly recommend her!

A big thank you to her and to “Unique Ceremonies”!



September 26, 2020 / Domaine de Laouenekaat (56)

Thanks to Magalie, we had a magnificent secular ceremony. Rich in emotions and surprises. She was able to advise us in our choices while listening to our desires. Very human and bubbly, all our guests told us about her superb organization. She was by our side throughout the year to make this day the most beautiful of our lives as a couple.


August 18, 2020 / Château de Baillant (86)

Magali created our tailor-made secular ceremony for us, according to our wishes. She did a wonderful job contacting our witnesses and people of honor… In short, it was superb, I recommend Unique Cérémonie 200%, you will not be disappointed!


Laura & Gabriel
August 1, 2020 / Logi du Péré - Charente Maritime (17)

Hello Magali! 

An exceptional day, wonderfully magnificent and magical at the same time. It was simply unforgettable.

We will remember it as a great success, conviviality, and love. We only had positive feedback, our loved ones were amazed.  

Your performance was just perfect. I never imagined experiencing such a touching, moving and funny ceremony at the same time. It went way above our expectations like the rest of our wedding. I still find it hard to believe that such a beautiful day was ours. You brought to our wedding much more than a simple ceremony, you took us and our loved ones on a journey towards the most perfect description of our feelings and our love. And for that I don't know how to thank you.

Thank you sincerely for this great moment of happiness!

Many thanks…

We kiss you 😚

Kelly & Clement
August 4, 2018 / Domaine de la Gravette - Beauvoir sur Niort (79)

Dear Estelle,

We are taking the time to write you a few words to thank you for this wonderful and moving ceremony that you have prepared for us. We are still on cloud nine. Everything was perfect and really in our image. You were able to listen to us and meet our expectations. Our guests gave us their feedback which was unanimous: “Very beautiful and moving ceremony”.

A BIG THANK YOU Estelle and, as I write these few words to you, tears begin to well up. Too many emotions again.!!!

Bravo again and thank you.

Ghislaine & Pascal
September 15, 2019 / Le Jardin du Clos - St Martin de Ré

Thank you for your message which touches us very much. 

We returned to our Paris region with wonderful memories and a little nostalgia.

It's up to us to thank you because thanks to you we had the ceremony we wanted, even beyond our expectations.

You will remain for us the person who united us and as such, we thank you with great sincerity. 

The couples who will follow and whose union you will celebrate are very lucky :)

Hoping to hear from you, 

Very good end of the day Virginie

Ludivine & Sébastien
July 1, 2017 / Ségriès Monastery - Ariège

We recovered from our emotions. We are still on cloud nine…

Regarding Estelle, we are happy to have met her and we were happy to work with her from start to finish. Everything was clear and easy.

She was able to remain patient and attentive because we returned the questionnaires and wishes quite late and I made her rewrite a paragraph several times…

The ceremony lived up to our expectations, the humor was there.

Many of our guests did not know this principle of secular ceremony and they loved it. 

A big thank-you !

Séverine & Sacha
May 13, 2017 / Lésignac Durand - Vienne


Estelle is truly a very professional person who knows her job.

The ceremony she did was as we imagined: Sincere with a touch of humor.

All our guests loved it.

Elise and Aurélien
April 8, 2017 / Cénon-sur-Vienne - Vienne

Hello Estelle, 

And here once again, tears flow from me… Thank you for your sweet words. 

Indeed, our wedding was magical and you had a lot to do with it. We dreamed of this ceremony and you made it happen.  

In your image, in ours…sincere, funny and full of emotion. 

We look back on this weekend with lots of stars in our eyes…you were part of it and we are proud of it. 

You hold a very special place for us in this union and it is with great pleasure that I invite you whenever you can to share a photo coffee with some good cookies.


Christelle & Pierre
June 10, 2017 / Domaine de Badard - Vienne

Everything was perfect….

Sincerely! Estelle is really adorable…

She knew how to be present without being intrusive and was very attentive to all our wishes…

She was also able to reassure me because I was very stressed.  

In short, I don't have much negative to say.

Thanks again to both of you for making this day magical (because it was!)

I kiss you.

Anne-Sophie & François
May 20, 2017 / Domaine de Badard - Vienne

Is she,

Thank you again for your kindness, your professionalism and your unfailing calm.

We will keep great memories of this magnificent secular ceremony.

Alice & Anthony
April 15, 2017 / Château de la Pouyade - Charente

A simply perfect day…

We decided to get married in the woods on a beautiful July day this year... Looking for a personalized and original ceremony we found Magali. From start to finish, not a false note, everything was absolutely perfect, whether in the preparations or the tempo that was given during the ceremony.

Having an officiant who takes the time to get to know you and your families I honestly think makes all the difference. The little extra for us is that our ceremony had to be bilingual, and once again we were not disappointed.

We had people from 5 different countries and everyone was able to follow without problems thanks to our bilingual celebrant :)

Thank you again Magali for our truly magical day…

Every memory of this day is just perfect.

Laura & Rodica
July 23, 2016 / In the woods of Raix - Charente

Dear Magali,

We were really delighted with our ceremony. In addition to the fact that we were not able to celebrate our wedding outdoors as planned, Estelle was able to support us perfectly so that this moment was “out of time” as we wanted.

The ceremony was solemn, gentle, natural, spontaneous and with that touch of humor that was so close to our hearts. Estelle perfectly captured our personalities and transcribed our history, our wishes, our state of mind in her texts and in the spirit of the ceremony.

She is a generous, funny and cheerful person, a good cocktail to accompany future newlyweds. She is one of our wonderful encounters, those that we do not want to forget….

We did not identify any particular point to improve….for us everything was perfect!

Céline & Frédérick
July 30, 2016 / Manoir de la Thibaudière – Tercé – Vienne

Thank you Magali and of course Estelle for agreeing to celebrate our ceremony in Corrèze. We were completely satisfied: lots of emotions, laughter, tears and surprises. We couldn't have hoped for better and it will remain a highlight of our wedding!

The guests were pleasantly surprised, we received a lot of positive feedback. It was perfect, magical and unforgettable!  

We also appreciated Estelle's availability, particularly for the preparation of the ceremony despite the distance (email, Skype).

She understood, advised and reassured us very well. As for the interventions, she managed everything, which was very appreciable.

Aline & Julien
July 2, 2016 / Hotellerie La Fontaine – Beynat - Corrèze

We were delighted and delighted with our ceremony! And besides, it also left an impression on many of our guests. Few had ever attended a secular ceremony, and they were also charmed... the youngest are actually considering this type of ceremony for their future marriage! Even the DJ!

We very much appreciated your easy and pleasant contact as well as Estelle throughout the preparation. She was always there to answer our questions, she knew how to adapt to our timing, our requests, to follow up with us if necessary and to advise us in our choices of texts, rituals... She also knew how to gain our trust (well done, because we reveal ourselves very little!). We were also reassured by the feeling of control that Estelle conveys: she manages the progress of the ceremony and “controls” the speakers and their texts.

The big day was magical! Estelle was very “professional”: calm, smiling, intervened wisely and discreet when necessary… We found that the texts were very well written, making best use of the information that we had sent to you in the questionnaires.

Aurélie & Laurent
July 23, 2016 / Gite de la Font – Vienne

Hi Magali,

With Elson, we wanted to thank you a thousand times for the ceremony you gave us!

We had a wonderful time and it will remain engraved in our hearts forever.

You were able to carry out a ceremony in our image, what joy!

The guests were delighted and some who did not know the principle of the secular ceremony were amazed! (including religious ones lol)

I actually have two couples wishing to get married who would choose this type of ceremony!

Everything was perfect for us.

Florence & Elson
July 9, 2016 / Mornac Gardens – Charente

Dear Magali,

Once again a huge thank you.

It really was our dream wedding.

We couldn't ask for better! Everyone found the ceremony perfect.

Big kisses and we'll see you soon.

Laura & Rodica
July 23, 2016 / Bois de Raix – Charente

Dear Magali,

We wanted to thank you for the very beautiful ceremony we had this Thursday at Bidaudières.

The guests were delighted, and so were we!

Sorry again for the wait before the ceremony started.

We look forward to seeing you again one day, perhaps as guests at our friends' wedding!


Martine & Jean-Christophe
July 14, 2016 / Château des Bidaudière – Indre & Loire

Dear Magali, 

Thank you 1000 TIMES for celebrating our ceremony! For getting to know us and understanding us in record time!  

For both of us, our favorite moment of the wedding will be the ceremony. It brought together emotion, humor and conviviality.

You managed to make everyone laugh (a little shout out to the spanking!) and make almost everyone cry. A lot of people asked us if the little joke about the offer was true or not!

We would not have wanted another ceremony, nor another officiant than you.

If you have links where I can leave comments on your performance, don't hesitate to send them to me.




Séverine & John
July 2, 2016 / Villa Emma – Vienna

Dear Magali,

We would like to thank this ceremony and more particularly Estelle , for the magnificent Secular Ceremony which took place last weekend.

Estelle accomplished her mission in a very professional manner, she accompanied us throughout the preparation with kindness, attentiveness, availability and professionalism. The ceremony was perfect, both in terms of the choice of speeches and the presence of Estelle who was a perfect mistress of ceremonies. We can only congratulate her, especially since all of our guests were won over and gave us compliments about her performance and many questions about the "principle" of the secular ceremony (that's nice, beautiful days to come for secular ceremonies!)

We didn't find any negative points or areas to improve, everything was perfect, a ceremony that reflected our image, Estelle was able to adapt and understand us.

Thank you to the whole team, we were right to trust you.

With all our thanks

Yours sincerely

Valérie & Christophe
June 11, 2016 / Domaine du Duc de Richelieu – Indre & Loire

Dear Estelle & Magali,
Estelle was perfect from start to finish, the guests were amazed by this type of ceremony and touched by the emotion that emerged.
Someone even asked us for your contacts!!
Estelle had a lot of finesse and tact and knew how to bring an intimate and humorous atmosphere while playing her role perfectly.
We found you very professional and attentive and the feeling went very well with Estelle.
Nothing to complain about the service and quality of this ceremony.
This moment will remain engraved in this day, we had the emotion that we expected.
Thank you both and continue to bring happiness as you do.

Mallorie & Marc
October 8, 2016 / La Rochelle