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Like most couples we meet, you consider that your secular ceremony is one of the crucial moments of your marriage, your PACS or your renewal of vows . This is why our role as officiant is essential. Indeed, the secular ceremony is a unique opportunity for you to seal your union, to express the love you feel for each other and to share this special moment with your loved ones.

Our role as a secular ceremony officiant is to create a bond with you, to act with professionalism, to listen to you and to support you. We are at your complete disposal to guide you at each stage from the preparation of the content of your secular ceremony to the celebration of your commitment on D-Day, including its decoration.

Our primary role is to ensure that you and your loved ones keep an unforgettable memory of your secular ceremony… for the right reasons!

We are convinced that the composition and celebration of your secular ceremony are based on human exchange, listening, constant attention to details which will give your secular ceremony all its authenticity. For this, it is essential that we get to know each other. We get to know you by creating a relaxed atmosphere that encourages you to confide in yourself, to describe to us the feelings that unite you, to share with us the circumstances of your meeting and your vision of your relationship.

If certain key stages are common to most secular ceremonies such as the exchange of vows and wedding rings, it is the way of presenting these stages, of composing the text to express your emotions with the right words which will give your ceremony its unique character . Each couple has their history, their values, their projects. Each couple is unique, which is why our role is to ensure that each of the secular ceremonies we create is just as unique.

In order to develop content that suits you, we speak with you several times in person if we are geographically close or by email, telephone and Skype. We send you a questionnaire to find out your history, your tastes and invite you to draw up your wish list. The key to a successful secular ceremony lies above all in the development of our relationship based on exchange and trust.  This complicity will allow us to play our role as officiant in the best conditions and to ensure that each word, each text chosen, each symbol used has meaning for you.

Ah, just one more thing: You won't have access to the entire text as we like to include secret texts that you will only discover during the ceremony. Don't worry, there will be nothing embarrassing and you will enjoy the surprise which will add to the emotion.

If you choose to use our services for the celebration of your ceremony on D-Day, your officiant will be present at least 1 hour before the ceremony in order to introduce himself to your guests, to try to calm the nerves of the future groom who is generally on the verge of discomfort (Isn't that right, gentlemen?). He will take the opportunity to speak with your guests as well as with the other service providers present such as the caterer, the photographer, the musicians to whom he will have previously sent the progress of the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, your officiant will inform your guests of the rest of the festivities and will give you your marriage certificate as well as a booklet containing the full text of your ceremony to keep as a souvenir of this great moment in your life.

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