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A tailor-made writing & celebration service

Our Writing and Celebration service for your secular ceremony is a complete offer which guarantees the development and celebration of your tailor-made ceremony.

Our service takes place as follows:

Let's meet  : We meet in person or by videoconference if the distance is too great in order to get to know each other. This interview is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about writing and performing your secular wedding ceremony.

Let's get to know each other better  : We send you each a questionnaire which we ask you to complete in as much detail as possible. Some couples play the game and only reveal their answers to each other after the ceremony. The aim of the questionnaire is not at all to satisfy our curiosity (a little bit anyway) but to get to know you and to give us a precise idea of ​​your values, your tastes, your personalities, your expectations, etc.

Make your choice : Following receipt of your questionnaires, we will send you several personalized documents to help you establish a list of what you wish to integrate into your ceremony. Among these documents, you will find, for example, a list of key steps corresponding to your tastes, personalized advice sheets, examples of wishes, music, reading, rituals, etc.

Let's do our investigation : While you are busy making your choice, we contact some of your loved ones (mainly those who will intervene during your ceremony) in order to find out more about you, to possibly guide them in their choice of intervention and prepare a little surprise for you if they wish.

Let's take our best pen : We write the first draft of your ceremony, drawing inspiration from your responses and the information provided by your loved ones. We are sending you this draft and collecting your impressions. If any elements do not suit you, we make the necessary changes until the content of your ceremony gives you complete satisfaction. Important: You will only have access to approximately 40% of the content of your ceremony, the rest remaining secret until the Big Day.

Always in touch  : We keep in touch regularly by telephone, email or Skype and work together until the big day to be sure that the content and progress of the ceremony suit you perfectly.

Rehearsal (optional) : We meet, if you wish, the day before D-Day at the ceremony location to carry out a rehearsal. The aim of this interview is not to rehearse the entire ceremony because it is essential that your emotions remain as intact as possible on the big day. It is mainly a question of timing, music, placement and the role of the boys and bridesmaids if there are any. When the date of your ceremony approaches, we decide together whether the rehearsal is necessary or not. In fact, some couples prefer not to use it in order to make the most of the surprise effect, while others feel more confident if they rehearse beforehand. It is for this reason that repetition is optional and will not generate additional costs apart from travel costs depending on the distance.

This is the big day  ! Your officiant is present on the D-Day at least 1 hour before the scheduled time of the ceremony in order to introduce himself to your guests and check the last details with the service providers involved (DJ, musicians, singers, wedding planner, photographer). Your officiant celebrates your union and gives you at the end of the ceremony your wedding booklet which contains the full text of your ceremony and your certificate of engagement if you wish to sign one. If our approach suits you and you are tempted by our personalized Scripture and Celebration service for your secular wedding ceremony, do not hesitate to contact us

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